• Dephone

    Diploma project 2012. Master of Arts - Media Design. Tutors: Auger / Loizeau and Douglas Edric Stanley.

    Dephone site: www.dephoneproject.com

    Smartphones have spread into our daily lives. Their multifunctionality monopolizes the attention and contributes to the addiction of users. Everyday behaviors have changed considerably and now people sharing the same space interact less (physically) with each other. This project is a critical reflection on this reality and an exploration of new types of interaction. The goal is to neutralize the smartphone inside a “cage” and redistribute its functions into objects around the house. Those objects are designed to occupy free architectural spaces and become part of the house. The information is presented in an abstract and simpler way. Through LEDs, sound or mechanical movements users can “read” information such as the number of hours left to sleep, the unread mails, the passage of the bus, the activity on facebook or ebay...

    Installation: domestic objects (wood and PS) : cage, alarm clock, mail indicator, bus schedule, social network and business.

    Technical information: Wi-fi communication between the smartphone and the objects (Arduino + Wi-fi Shield) . Specific application where the kind of information is chosen.

    Collaboration: Pierre Rossel (Arduino programmation), David Hodgetts (Xcode iOS) and Camille Scherrer.

  • Seat Down

    Diploma project. Bachelor in Product Design at ECAL.

    Solid structures hold plywood “pillows” where space is left between the layers to create flexibility. A single material allows two opposite sensations and suprises by the new confort that is created. Wood (birch veneers and mahogany). Ecal.

  • Doble

    Selected on the first step of the Hermès Contest 2008 (theme: travelling).

    A closing handle and a fabric allow different handbags to be made depending on the folding. Stainless steel and cotton fabric. Ecal.

  • Zuper

    Visilab contest selection | 2009. Funny and surprising, the visual effect is the goal of this accessory. The zip closure forms the vision field of the glasses and at the same time closes them like a case. Stretch fabric and PE. © ECAL| Visilab - Model: Xenia Tchoumitcheva Photo © Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving 2009

  • Plic

    2008 Lamp made of a metal sheet folded to take a round and natural shape. Pre-cuts are designed so when the lamp is fixed around the socket, the shape is formed. Stainless flexible steel sheet (3mm).

  • Alice

    CoincasaDesign Collection 2008 Upright mirror with a metal stand to be used as a cloth hanger and a tidy tray.

    (Last image is a color option not sold)