• T-Motion

    2011 Project for Tissot. In collaboration with Emilie Tappolet.

    This installation creates an immersive and interactive space for visitors. The worlds graphically represented are those of the Tissot Touch watches: diving, sailing and high mountain. The three representative watches are exposed as in levitation behind a translucent surface. As visitors get closer to the wall, animations describing the different environments grow around the watches. The whole in an abstract and suggested way: the goal is to feel the movement of the water, of the wind and the climbing of a mountain. The visitor triggers and controls the different worlds from the watches and when he gets closer enough, he sees the specific functions of each one explained in the animation.

    This interactive display was designed for this specific purpose but can be adapted to shops or any other show and can be developed around different kind of products or objects. The goal is to have a physical object in cohabitation with motion interactive graphics.